A new gardening year begins!

Gardening makes you patient and humble. It insists that you observe seasons and weather, putting you in sync with the natural world. It permits you to get unapologetically dirty. It’s most satisfying to grow from seed-you create and sustain life. Gardening gives you a sense of wonder. To grow plants is to give life. It keeps you busy with a purpose, shows you how to care, be gentle, and wait. It is an amazing feeling. Gardening is very creative. Picking the right plant for the right spot, mixing colors, and making sure there is interest for every season really is…

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About Us

Our club of over 50 members consists of gardening enthusiasts from Racine, Kenosha and Walworth counties in Southeast Wisconsin. We share a passion and appreciation for all aspects of gardening, including perennials, annuals, sunny, shade, water gardens, fruits, herbs and vegetables.We are involved with various community gardening projects such as maintaining the Legacy Garden, maintaining the Vintage Gardens, giving garden tours, plant sales, community plantings, and much more. Join us today to socialize and network with other gardening enthusiasts in Southeast Wisconsin. Our club motto and mission is to Communicate, Educate, Cultivate, and Enjoy. Come join us!

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